Seminarios y Talleres Impartidos

We start our project, our business, our professional practice with the of best intentions, energy, passion, dedication, and with important investments: time, money, effort… However, it seems that after some time we tend to end up in rut, stuck, gravitating around the same difficulties over and over: not enough clients, insufficient sales, running around putting out fires, difficulties with cash flow… and all of this while at times trying to juggle family responsibilities and feeling guilty for not being up to par on either front. Is it possible that I am not superwoman!?

Ironically, all of this is generally due to one specific thing, to something that keeps us from seeing clearly what our next step is and how to break the knot that is keeping us in place. This workshop we will get a glimpse of this and how it may be derailing you… or how to stop it from happening to you, if you are starting out on your business path.

This brief workshop is designed to help you see and understand the problems underlying the terrible statistics that accompany entrepreneurship. Although some things are beyond our control, the truth is that in every economic environment some businesses thrive while others do not. Which would you rather be? We will explore what sort of things tend to keep you on the “wrong” side of that equation and what you can do to avoid or stop it.

Remember: Business Success is NOT Random

If you don’t change anything, everyting will probably remain as it is

Date: December 2, 2015
Organized by:  International Business Women, Madrid